CJ Jeans now available through Intrepid International

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New Holland, PA, 12/3/12 — CJ Jeans are now available through Intrepid International! CJ Jeans women’s riding jeans are made to fit better and last longer. Our women’s riding jeans are exclusively styled for maximum comfort in the saddle. CJ Jeans have a higher back to eliminate gaping and feature flat seams that do not rub or chafe. Inner kneepads provide more comfort and extra grip. Perfect whether you are training, competing, or trail riding. Loved by endurance and riders and trail riders alike.

About CJ Jeans
Stephanie Gordon, a world champion equestrienne started CJ Jeans Company in 2007. She wanted a fashionable and functional riding jean for women to feel comfortable and confident in the saddle. Stephanie operates CJ Jeans Co. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and has recently partnered with Intrepid International to distribute this product.

What Separates CJ Jeans From The Competition?
What separates our jeans from other brands is the quality and the fit! Here are some of the features of CJ Jeans:    
     ●  97% cotton, 10 oz. denim has 3% Lycra for stretch, so they’re forgiving but won’t
         bag and sag by the end of the day.
     ●  Sensible fit includes a waistband that hits you at your natural waist–not too low
         and not too high–and it’s shaped higher in the back than front to remain level when
         you ride.
     ●  Inseam is thin and flat so you don’t sit on a thick seam and best of all…they have
         nearly invisible padded E-Z Knees patches inside the legs! They reduce pinching,
         chafing, rubbing and fatigue to your entire leg.
     ●  97% Cotton
     ●  3% Spandex
     ●  Boot Cut
     ●  Women’s sizes 2-18
     ●  Available in regular length 33 inches
     ●  Available in long length 35 inches

What Do Customers Say About CJ Jeans?
“I received a pair of your jeans at the TWHBEA World Versatility Show in July, and wanted to let you know they are wonderful!  I love them and they are now my favorite pair of jeans!  The fit is great.”

“My trainer, Nicole Carswell, wore her pair while showing my horse and won the Reining Sweepstakes, Trail Obstacle Sweepstakes, and Sweepstakes High Point rider wearing them.  So they must be good luck too!”

Order Your CJ Jeans Today!
If you would like to carry CJ Jeans in your store please email us for more information!
You can find CJ Jeans online at Intrepid International’s website

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